Greetings to Machupicchu Cusco

Rotary Club of Machupicchu Cusco

Club ID – 221921  District – 4453

Founded – 2010  Members – 20+

President: Sihuar Moscoso Neighborhood Secretary: Igor Macedo

Meeting Weekly on a Thursday at 7:00pm

Calle Palacio 126, Cusco

The Club was formed just over twelve years ago.

The kick-off meeting was on the 24th June, 2010 when the founding members met and agreed on the club name.  On August 24, 2010, the new Machupicchu club met with the Rotary authorities at the Hotel Britania, and after complying with all the regulatory requirements, the club began its life on August 26, and received its Charter from the hands of RI President Ray Klinginsmith on his official visit to Peru.

The club is involved with projects that help meet the needs of the community and the president talks about campaigns to support disabled children, a collection of donations for the fight against cancer, and the provision of blankets for the helpless elderly.

The Rotary Club of Machupicchu supports friendship, camaraderie and the exchange of ideas between members that enrich both the club and the Rotary family.

There is an active Facebook site at and there are pictures on the Facebook page of club members posing for a group photo outside Taunton Railway Station … but no explanation!

Rotary Club of Machupicchu Cusco

Header Image by HolaMa from Pixabay