In memory of

William (Bill) Anthony Wright

Bill sadly passed away on Saturday, 15th July 2023, aged 83 years.  He is now reunited with his beloved wife, Maggie.

He will be deeply missed by both family and friends.

Bill was one of the founding members of the Rotary Club of Hertford Shires and was an active member for 25 years.

If you would like to make a donation in the memory of Bill, a Just Giving website has been established by Bill’s daughter, Alison, with all proceeds going to support local good causes and Rotary charities. 

Bill started his working life as an apprentice electrician with de Haviland at Hatfield. I am not sure if he finished his training but the next thing I recollect were his experiences as a trainee door-to-door (industrial branch) life insurance salesman which as you can imagine were hilarious. 

Passion for food and healthy snacks

Opening the wine, contemplating the future and blowing out the candles on Bill’s 70th at a Chez Frost BBQ


Bill was engaging and could often be found at centre stage, he was also an enthusiastic salesman and on one occasion, managed to persuade the Sandringham groundsman to plant thousands of Crocus bulbs for Polio.  

Shaking down at Tesco

Bill was never short of a smile and an encouraging word for passers by as he gave up his time to raise the profile of Rotary and collect cash for charitable causes.

“I have found it hard trying to remember what Bill said or did, but my memory of him was of a kind, humorous but nevertheless astute businessman.”

Russell Norris

Priority Parking

My fondest memory of Bill goes back to the last Dragon Boat Race in 2019. If you recall there was torrential rain in the morning.
I was asked to go across to the car park field and help Bill and others peg down some plastic matting across the main part of the field where the cars drove across. The caretaker and PTA members were anxious that the cars would churn up the grass and ruin their sports field.
Bill remarked to the caretaker in his is very direct way that this was a complete waste of time and of course he was right!
I stayed with Bill for another hour or so helping to direct the drivers to park their cars in some sort of orderly way on the field so as to avoid cars being blocked in.
A very smart car pulled up and the driver with his wife wound the window down. The driver said that he was the new Deputy Mayor of Ware and he and his wife had been asked to officially open the School Fete and our Dragon Boat Race.
There was one space left on the hard stand in front of the field which was coned off. I wrongly assumed Bill had purposely kept this space reserved for the Deputy Mayor and his wife. I went across and removed the cone when Bill rushed across and said no they cannot park there as the
space was reserved for a special person. I sheepishly said to the deputy mayor that I was very sorry but you will have to park on the field. 
Both the deputy mayor and his wife were very smartly dressed which was totally not suitable for an outdoor event. Bill just smiled as the deputy mayoress tried to negotiate the muddy field in beige stilettos.  
They told me as they walked past that this was there first official duty as deputy mayor and mayoress and we’re off to a luncheon engagement later that same morning.
I said to Bill whose this special person then thinking it might be a tv personality or high profile entertainer and he just said wait and see.
A little later a modest car drive up and immediately Bill removed the cone and directed the car into the space. I was eagerly waiting to see who this important person was. Bill opened the car door and I realised it was his wife.
Afterwards I said that was rather cheeky and he remarked ‘Mayors are two a penny but there is only one Mags’ 

Mike Horwood


Bill’s thoughtfulness and willingness to lend a helping hand to anyone in need will always be remembered.


Bill had a passion for life and lived it to the fullest, inspiring others to do the same.


Bill had a unique way of making everyone feel valued and appreciated.

The Hertford Shires Santa

Bill was a popular Father Christmas although he told the children that he only wore red because he supported Arsenal!