The Rotary Club
of Hertford Shires

The Rotary Club of Hertford Shires is a local club based in Ware, Hertfordshire, UK. We are part of the worldwide Rotary Organisation and the club is within Rotary District 1260.

The Club was formed in 1997 and since then, we have remained a relatively small and mixed club of around 30 members.

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Better together

We serve our local community and support international projects in many different places around the world. We run annual competitions for schools like essay-writing and Young Chefs, and our main fund-raising event is a Dragon Boat Race held on the River Lee in June each year.

We also help our locality through a variety of activities including a Stroke Awareness campaign, numerous charity collections and a local “Lend-a-Hand” day.

For our community

Doing things for your community is a wonderful way to contribute to the well-being and development of the place where you live. It can also be personally fulfilling and help you build strong connections with your neighbours.

Our club promotes synergy, creativity, and a sense of shared responsibility, leading to more effective problem-solving and a string of local achievements.

Spirit of collaboration

We are a group of like-minded individuals coming together and working to achieve a set of common goals, collectively solving local and international problems.

Cooperation is essential for success in all aspects of life; by working together, we can achieve so much more than any of us could achieve individually.

Come along and meet us

If you would like to learn more, and maybe come along and meet us in the flesh, please let us know by clicking the contact button below.