International Service

Chair: Bob Frost

We have supported many international Rotary activities.  Perhaps the best known is the campaign to eliminate Polio from the world, an initiative supported by the Gates Foundation.  We have generated local support for this from schools with events such as the Purple Pinkie and Crocus planting activities.  We have also raised funds from other Club events. 

Local schools have also engaged with the Rotary ShoeBox scheme, a popular annual appeal.

Other major activities undertaken by the Club are the Sand Dams project, a water purification scheme in East Africa and the Syabonga Bus project in South Africa to enable residents in remote areas to access ante-natal care. Many other Rotary initiatives have been supported including Mercy Ships, Farm Africa, Hope and Homes and Tools for Self Reliance. We also support a locally run charity, HELPING, which provides practical humanitarian aid in Gambia.

Our Club also reacts to natural disasters by donations to the Disasters Emergency Committee and regularly support the ShelterBox scheme which was originally developed by a UK Rotary Club and now operates worldwide.