Greetings to Almaty

Rotary Club of Almaty

Club ID – 30965  District – 2430

Founded – 1995

President: Vitaly Koltochnik  Secretary: Altynai Basembieva

Meeting Weekly on a Thursday at 19:00

Intercontinental Hotel, 181 Zheltoksan Street, Almaty, Kazakhstan

This week I have taken my inspiration from Richard Osman’s House of Games and Tina’s favourite (not) round: Where is Kazakhstan?

This week, we are heading to the Rotary Club of Almaty, somewhere in Kazakhstan.

I don’t know how many members there are, but looking at the photographs, it seems like there might be quite lot of them … and I can see that there is a local Rotaract club, and they have a sister club in New Delhi.

Over the years, the club has planned and delivered a constant stream of socially beneficial projects aimed at helping needy Almaty residents and schools, hospitals and orphanages across the Almaty Region. 

In 2019, the club successfully completed a project to help the Eldani Charitable Foundation by donating five programable sewing machines to a production workshop in a local rehabilitation centre.

In 2020, they identified a problem at the Talgar Central Regional Hospital and managed to raise enough money to donate a fully kitted out ambulance.

The club is also involved in many international projects, joining forces with clubs from other countries to bring sustainable projects to life around the world. 

And of course, every year they hold a series of events to raise awareness and funds in support of the international effort to eradicate Polio.

Greetings to the Rotary Club of Almaty, in Kazakhstan.

Rotary Club of Almaty